Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in this package? 

  • Room at hotel for Saturday-Sunday.  (Hotel offers free parking, free wifi, free breakfast, complimentary workout area)  welcome reception.  On Sunday, a guided bus tour of Nashville.  On Monday, transportation and admission to our view site in Clarksville, TN.  You’ll have access to all view site activities.  Food vendors will be available.

What’s NOT included in this package?

  • Airport transfers, meals, souvenirs

Why is the package Saturday/Sunday nights? 

  • We think a lot of people will want to visit Nashville as well as experience the eclipse.  Due to the proximity of Nashville to many American cities, many of you can view the eclipse and still be in your own bed Monday evening.  Additional nights can be added to the package for early arrival or extended stay.

What’s the deposit? (edit)

  • Your deposit is $149 per room, no matter the number of people in it.  Deposit is fully refundable through XXXXX.

Can I change the number of people later?

  • Absolutely.  You can change a single occupancy to a double, or add a 3rd or 4th in a double.

What about refunds? (edit)

  • 100% of money paid is refundable up to May 15, 2017.  After that there is a sliding scale.  (See pricing page)

Can I pay the total up front? (edit)

  • We will not be accepting any payments other than deposits until 12/31/16.  Final payment is due XXXXX..

Explain the hotel variations

  • As we fill up hotels, the ‘Hotel’ tab information may change due to space available.  Always check to see which property we are currently accepting reservations for.

What about the weather?  Are there guarantees?

  • There are no guarantees.  The eclipse will happen, rain or shine.  As you can see by the video on the front page of this site, you will still experience the darkness on a cloudy day.  At our view site, we’ve only experienced rain 10% of the time on August 21 during a 20 year research period.  The “show will go on” regardless of the weather.


Photography FAQ

  • Be watching for this section.  We’ll be giving you some helpful tips, as well as teaching you on the 8.21.17 podcast.